theshrikeabyssal asked:

hi hello! I recall from some earlier post / reply that you are on Wellbutrin. If so, could you tell me a bit about what the first few days of it are like? I just (finally) got my prescription but I know the first few days of a brain drug are usually nuts so idk if I want to start right when I'm packing up my apt to move...

Hey there! I tried to answer privately but apparently tumblr is broken. I’ve been on wellbutrin for like 9 months now. I was on SSRis (lexapro and then celexa and then lexapro again) for a few years and I just *never* felt happy enough. I thought it was working because I had totally forgotten what it was like to feel happy and I just had no reference point. Even when I was on SSRIs I slept constantly, sometimes for a few days straight. Like waking up at 10 pm lol. From 2012-2013 I was literally nocturnal :/ when I was awake.

Anyway. I like wellbutrin a lot more! The first few days did nothing for me. I was still constnatly in tears for like 2 or 3 weeks. It didn’t really kick in for me until after a month. I think you’ll be fine! I’M FEELING HAPPY FOR YOU. I think you’ll have energy and motivation to be happy soon!


CHRIST I am out of my SSRIs because I thought I had one refill left and I got a package in the mail (that had my other drugs but not my brain drugs! ) fun! Withdrawal while moving! Nothing could possibly go wrong!

Oh man I hate Ssri withdrawal it’s like a thousand tiny electric shocks in your brain :(


i finally got a promotion at work and im SO EXCITED because i get

- my own cubicle FINALLY so sick of sharing it. this is like the biggest step up lol its so much swankier and ~authoritative~

- a 6% raise! I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO HAVE TO TAKE A $6000 PAY CUT NOPE WOOO NEGOTIATIONS RULE. btw i am now making more than my boyfriend D: he felt weird when he found out but then he was like “guess ill stay home with the kids and watch baseball” and i was like <3333 STAY HOME WITH THE KIDS? HEART EYES.

- a $2000 signing bonus fuck ya

- annual 7.5% bonus in march

- 3 weeks of paid vacation

- BENEFITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so sick of picking up prescriptions every month and the pharmacist being like “HOLY SHIT there must be a problem with yr insurance” and im like NOPE i just have a shitty plan with a $3000 deductible for prescriptions and higher deductibles for other things. also fuck ya 401k plan lol. and paid holidays and sick time and personal time and all that.

IDK ITS AMAZING. and best of all……

i finally get to take my drug test tomorrow! my boss told me about the promotion the last week of july and advised me not to smoke pot “for 2 or 3 weeks” LOL becuase he didn’t want to run into any problems i had when i first accepted my job. That is….when I first got hired I told my boss I thought I wasn’t going to pass the drug test. Haha so they rescinded my application at first but when I passed the test (idk how? it was 2 days after smoking?) they re-offered me the position. ANYWAY this is the longest i’ve gone without smoking possibly since I started smoking in high school so i am excited for life to go back to normal.